Second-hand Grace Kelly Vibes

Tanja x Vintage mid-res-23

A little while back one of my friends said she wants to do a vintage themed photoshoot with some of her friends and she asked me if I had any clothes she could use for it. My initial reaction was that I only have a couple of things, but sure she can use them. When I went through my wardrobe looking for vintage-y clothes, I ended up finding quite a pile. My teenage dream of looking like a 50s housewife has clearly lived on without me even fully realising it. I should really take more advantage of those clothes, especially since they can look as stunning as in these pictures!

Here Tanja is wearing a dress I bought from Zadaa. I instantly fell in love with the 50s vibes of the dress (though it’s not authentic vintage) and couldn’t wait to wear it – I bought it for my graduation party which we were supposed to have last December, but ended up having the party in May, so I had to wait so long! Tanja is also wearing authentic vintage gloves from Ruutu Rouva, a secondhand belt from Fida, and my wedding shoes that I bought at a flea market.

Tanja x Vintage mid-res-49

Tanja x Vintage mid-res-29

Tanja x Vintage mid-res-19Tanja x Vintage mid-res-54Tanja x Vintage mid-res-16Tanja x Vintage mid-res-86Tanja x Vintage mid-res-65

Here Tanja is wearing one of my all time favourite dresses: my mom’s old vintage dress, which has featured in my blog before. She’s added a tulle skirt underneath to add a bit more of a 50s shape to it. The belt is secondhand from UFF as are the shoes.

Tanja x Vintage mid-res-76Tanja x Vintage mid-res-74Tanja x Vintage mid-res-69

This outfit is actually only 50% secondhand, since the hat was bought last year in Thailand in the hopes that it would protect me at least a little bit from the sun (I burnt all over the place, despite trying to cover up and use sunscreen…). The shirt I bought from H&M years ago, before I was that passionate about ethical clothing. I’m pretty sure it’s beyond 30 wears though!

The pants and shoes are from UFF – and the pants have also been featured in this blog in one of my earliest posts, before I realised they’re way cuter worn high-waisted.

Thank you to Tanja, Noora, and Nina for these amazing photos!

Photos by Noora Sahinmäki

Hair by Nina Vierimaa

Model Tanja Salminen


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