Overcoming the Inconveniences of a Minimalist Wardrobe – Week 2 of the Six Items Challenge

Week 2 of Labour Behind the Label’s fashion fast is now behind us, and it is now starting to feel more like a challenge after the honeymoon phase of week one. I’m not sick of wearing the same clothes yet, since I’ve been able to think up new outfits almost every day, and thus haven’t gotten bored yet. But I’ve faced some more tangible (minor) inconveniences this week, and they’re all things I was sort of nervous about before I started the challenge. What if my six pieces were all dirty at the same time? What if the items I choose aren’t actually practical or comfortable enough to wear for six weeks? Would I have to plan my outfits around my laundry cycle?


Day 8 of the challenge

This challenge is made more difficult by the poor quality of mainstream clothes nowadays – clothes aren’t made to last, since they’re only worn 4 times on average (CRAZY!!!). The black jeans I have as one of my items are rather cheap ones that I bought from Vero Moda a couple of years ago. I’ve been wearing them a lot during the past two years, so they’re already quite worn. I always get holes in between my thighs in pants, thanks to having the anatomy of a regular, un-photoshopped woman, meaning I don’t have a thigh gap and my thighs rub together when I walk. Using these jeans so much in the past two weeks has taken its toll – an already existing, once fixed hole, started growing and a new hole appeared. Luckily I had the time to spend one morning fixing my pants, so the holes didn’t end up being much of an issue. If it weren’t for this challenge, these pants would have probably just been in my closet for ages, waiting to be fixed, but now that I really need these pants, I fixed them immediately.


Day 9


Day 10


Day 11


Day 12


Day 13

Almost two weeks into the challenge, day 13 was the first day I wore the exact same outfit as on a previous day. Most of my other items were in the wash, so I was more restricted on this day (and was also feeling lazy, so I didn’t try to find nice accessories to go with it). Dirty clothes was my biggest worry when starting this challenge and I was quite surprised that washing clothes hasn’t actually been a big problem. Six items is enough to have some in the wash, and still have something nice to wear. If I had small children, this might be more of a problem – children are pretty messy and you might have to wash your clothes more often. Also, if I’ve gotten a small stain on my otherwise clean clothes, and haven’t had the time to put them in the wash properly, I’ve washed them by hand, so they would be ready to wear sooner.


Day 14

Day 14 was the first day I really started using accessories – this huge scarf may be a bit more like a piece of clothing than an accessory, but since it’s technically a scarf, I’m giving myself permission to use it. I just got this scarf from a clothes swap with friends, so I was tempted to try out one of my new finds. The clothes swap was  a great success, by the way, and I will be writing more about it in a post coming soon!

My fundraiser page is still lacking in donations, so please donate ❤ You will be supporting a very good cause and helping the many abused garment workers.


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