Enjoying the Benefits of a Capsule Wardrobe – Week 1 of the Six Items Challenge

My first week of Labour Behind the Label’s fashion fast  has gone much better than I thought it would. Not only have I not had a problem with radically restricting my wardrobe, but I’ve really enjoyed it. I don’t have to think about what to wear in the mornings, because I have so few clothes to choose from. And at this point of the challenge, I still have plenty of variations I haven’t worn yet, so I still feel like my outfits have been quite versatile – and as you can see from the pictures in this post, I haven’t yet once worn the same outfit. I haven’t even accessorised much yet, so I can still upgrade a lot of my looks. My bedroom looks better, because there isn’t a pile of clothes on the floor from trying them on or from wearing them the previous day – because I only have six items in a neat pile. I’m really looking forward to the next five weeks and I’m excited to see if I’ll just enjoy this more, or if I’ll get sick of these clothes and never want to wear them again. We’ll just have to wait and see to find out (and I will be posting updates on the challenge here on my blog and on my Instagram account).



Day 1 – I’m glad I remembered that these pants also came with suspenders, so I can slightly modify them.

This week I’ve been thinking more about my motivations to take part in this challenge, and though I went through some reasons in my previous post, I’d like to talk more about why I want to take part in this campaign.

My husband asked me what I’m planning to get out of this challenge, since he doesn’t see me restricting my wardrobe after these six weeks. And he’s probably right – I mean we have been a couple for almost seven years, so he apparently knows me quite well. When the challenge ends, I’ll most likely be very happy to go back to wearing lots of different clothes and I won’t stop buying nice second hand clothes. But already I’m noticing how versatile a few pieces can be, and I’m learning to appreciate the clothes I’m wearing now more. I’ve already learnt to see the benefits of only wearing a couple of items, really appreciating those items and feeling comfortable in them. Maybe I’ll learn to see the potential in clothing more, and seeing them as more versatile than I do now. I’ll probably end up donating a big pile of clothes again, since I’m starting to question having clothes that are just “alright” or that I don’t wear that often, because they don’t fit quite right, or aren’t exactly my style. If all your clothes are clothes that you really like and want to wear often, you don’t need that many.


Day 2


Day 3

My main reason to take part in this challenge is to raise awareness and challenge others to think about their consumer habits. It’s good to stop once in a while and question why you do what you do. For a long time I’ve thought that buying lots of second hand clothes is the best way of having nice things to wear, but maybe I should think about what I buy more. If I only buy clothes I absolutely adore, I would feel so much better about myself. Just imagine always leaving your house feeling good about how you look! The main idea I want to challenge is the idea that you need a lot of clothes and should buy new clothes often. If I can wear only six items for six weeks, does anyone need a closet filled to the brim with lots and lots of clothes? If we all challenged our consumer habits and learned to live with less, we could drastically reduce the amount of garment waste produced.



Day 5 – You may have noticed I skipped day 4 and yes, I already had one “cheat day”. I was out skiing all day, so I just had sportswear on, which luckily isn’t restricted by the Six Items Challenge, because that would have made this quite impossible (or would have given me a good excuse to not work out so much).



Day 6


Day 7

The challenge has gone extremely well – except for my fundraising page which hasn’t gotten much traffic, so please donate! Instead of buying that fast fashion piece which costs under 10 euros, you can leave it in the shop and donate that amount to help Labour Behind the Label to promote better wages and working conditions in the garment industry!


3 thoughts on “Enjoying the Benefits of a Capsule Wardrobe – Week 1 of the Six Items Challenge

  1. Hanna H says:

    Great idea! Love the grey trousers! Although I’m not doing the limited items thing, I’ve been trying to go through my wardrobe instead of buying anything new, and only buying something if I really need it (e.g. a weather appropriate coat). So far so good!


    • leafable says:

      That’s my shopping philosophy as well! Except sometimes I get a bit carried away at second hand stores if clothes are really cheap 😅 I’m hoping this challenge will help me change that, because I really don’t need clothes I’ll only wear a couple of times.


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