Where to Shop: Jyväskylä

I think I have now lived in Jyväskylä long enough to do what I have been thinking of doing ever since we moved here: give you guys an in-depth review on second-hand stores here! I can’t say I know my way around the second-hand scene in Jyväskylä as well as Helsinki, but I’m still happy to spread all the knowledge I have gathered during the past six months to all my Jyväskylä friends – and people visiting this city that I have grown to be quite fond of.


This shirt is actually a romper I bought from MARU last summer. Ever since I bought it, it’s been too cold to wear it as a romper, but luckily it goes well with high-waist pants too! I was actually going to buy a very similar romper from Zadaa when I found this at MARU for a much cheaper price, so this was definitely a good find.

MARU Second Hand & Outlet

Kauppakatu 29


For anyone who thinks all second-hand stores are messy, full of junk or smell a bit funky, this is the place for you to go to get proven wrong. This store looks more like a fancy boutique than a second-hand store, and I love it! The clothes are really good quality, and the staff is super friendly. They really make an effort in making the store look nice and tidy. The location is great, since it’s on Kauppakatu right in the centre of Jyväskylä – there’s no reason not to check it out, because it’s right next to all the other stores you would go to anyway. Prices are higher than many other second-hand stores, but a lot of the clothes are brand names, pretty much as good as new, and have had quite a high price tag originally. I’ve found really cheap clothes there too, so it’s not all just fancy. A big bonus to the staff for being really active on social media and showing their newest items on Instagram – so you can check out their stuff on your sofa at home, great! Also, one of the workers sometimes takes her adorable dog with her to the store, and that dog alone should be reason enough to visit. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think even Helsinki has a second-hand store quite as cute as this one?




Also from MARU, I fell in love with this shirt immediately. I have about a million button-up shirts, but they’re such classics you can’t really have too many – right? I love how the sleeves are a bit fluffy and I couldn’t resist the buttons on this one!


Sorastajantie 1


This place is HUGE! When you go here, take your time – there are so many rows of things, you can’t just rush through if you really want to find something. I also recommend you take a big bag with you, or several bags, because you might have trouble getting all the amazing stuff you find back home with you otherwise – I speak out of experience here, I was totally not prepared the first time I went there. Kirpparilla.fi has all sorts of things from furniture, to dishes and toys and clothes. When I went there a bit before Christmas, I found so many great Christmas gifts: movies still in their original wrapping, books in pristine condition, masses of CDs and amazing toys for kids. Kirparilla.fi doesn’t have the best selection of nice clothes (for adults that is – the kids’ clothes there are adorable!), but I’ve still managed to find something there too. The clothes there usually have pretty basic second-hand prices, so if you see something you like, chances are it’s at a good price. Kirpparilla.fi is a bit further away from the city centre, but it is definitely worth a visit!


I found this top at Kirparilla.fi – you can see how I’m optimistically waiting for warmer weather cause I’m buying clothes like this in Finland in January… It’s simple enough to pair up with a lot of different clothes, but because of the decoration on the top it isn’t too boring for me.

UFF, Asemakatu 4

Fida, Tapionkatu 12

and SPR Kirppis, Ahjokatu 14


I’m sticking these three together, because what I have to say about them is pretty much the same thing. UFF has the most clothes out of these three, and has the best variety in clothing – compared to UFFs in Helsinki, it’s not as amazing, but I have found nice clothes there. The UFF is right in the city centre, so it’s not like it’s difficult to get there, so next time you’re out having coffee with a friend, take a look inside, since it’s so close anyway. Fida and SPR Kirppis are both a bit further away from the city centre, but still not far (on Helsinki standards, it would pretty much be in the city centre). I’ve found some clothes from the Fida, but nothing amazing – and actually pretty much only bought them because they were super cheap. The SPR Kirppis also doesn’t have too many great clothes, but both the Fida and SPR Kirppis are great for things like dishes, books, movies and CDs. Both have really cheap prices, so you might be surprised and find really nice clothes too. By the way, I’ve only been to the SPR Kirppis in Seppälä: there are two others in Jyväskylä and since I haven’t been to either, I can’t really say what they’re like.


Facebook groups

Jyväskylä has extremely active second-hand groups on Facebook: Jyväskylä Kirppis and Roskalava Jyväskylä are examples of these. Jyväskylä Kirppis is a pretty basic second-hand group on Facebook, Roskalava Jyväskylä is a bit different, since the things posted there are all given away for free (which means that there is a certain amount of actual junk there, but there’s a lot of really good things as well). Things are bought and sold in the Jyväskylä Kirppis group very quickly, so you have to react fast if you see something you like.


Centrum Kirppis

Ilmarisenkatu 4

This store is also in the centre, so it’s easy to get to. A lot of my friends have said that they have found nice clothes here, so I’ll take their word for it, though I haven’t found much myself despite checking it out a couple of times. I’ve also heard that this is a good place to sell your things, so if you’re more of a person who sells more second-hand than buys second-hand, this may be the place for you. I’ve never left Centrum empty handed, though, since there are good movies and CDs there, and the prices are most often quite reasonable.



Gummerruksenkatu 13 and Kankitie 10

There are multiple Ekocenter stores in Jyväskylä, and it’s sort of the equivalent of Kierrätyskeskus in the capital region – though the things in Kierrätyskeskus are in much better quality and their stores are much neater than Ekocenters. Ekocenter stores have more furniture and things than clothes, so if you’re looking for something nice to wear, this probably isn’t the place for you. I haven’t been that impressed with things at Ekocenter, but at least the prices are very cheap. Before Christmas I bought some Christmas decorations from an Ekocenter that were almost free, and I’ve gotten many books from there for free. There are a lot of dishes sold at Ekocenter and they’re also very cheap. If you’re a student who has just moved into a new place and are in need of cheap things for your home, this is the place for you.  I’ve been to two Ekocenters: the one in the city centre and the one behind Seppälä. There’s a third one in Muurame, but I haven’t been there since it’s quite a bit further away – even on Helsinki standards.


There are plenty of small second-hand stores all around Jyväskylä that I haven’t been to yet, so there’s a lot more to see than the ones on this list. These are the ones that are the easiest to get to or most worthwhile. Though I come from the second-hand Mecca of Finland, I have to say I’m impressed with what Jyväskylä has to offer and have not been left wanting. I’m pretty sure MARU and Kirpparilla.fi will be sorely missed once I move back to Helsinki – so I have to enjoy them while I still can!



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