Old Clothes Appreciation Post

We all know about how our consumerism is polluting the world and causing all sorts of problems, but it’s still so difficult to change the way we consume. We’re used to getting what we want when we want it, and the main problem with the way we consume today is the fact that we get bored of our things, and it seems that we’re getting bored at an increasing rate. New things are interesting and exciting, which is why we keep wanting to have the newest of everything. Since there often isn’t really anything wrong with our old stuff, and there’s enough stuff in the world as it is, I want to show you how you can appreciate things that you’ve had for years. The history you have with an item can make it more exciting than the first stages of infatuation you have with a new piece.

One great example of rarely buying new clothes is my husband, who buys clothes about once every three years. He only gets rid of clothes when they’re four sizes too small or more hole than fabric. He’s probably got that from his father, who’s clothes have an average age of 30 years. He also literally gets clothes from his father, like this woolen shirt. Valtteri wore this before we even started dating, so I pretty much developed a crush on him after seeing him in this shirt for a week in Lapland in 2010. The shoes are also from before we started dating. I remember his mom telling him to buy new shoes in 2010 cause these were so broken, but he still wears them…


He specifically wanted a picture of his shoes, cause he’s so proud of them.

All the rest of his clothes in these pictures are many years old as well. And at least I think he still looks pretty fine!



Both of us are a bit too young to actually have super old clothes, since clothes that we owned 10 years ago don’t really fit us anymore, because we were 12 years old in 2006. That’s the reason that the oldest things I own are bags. I actually still use a couple of bags that I owned as a kid. For instance this Marimekko classic that I got when I was around 8 years old is one that I use almost daily. It’s so old that when I got it I though the coolest thing about it was the front pocket for your CD player. Nostalgia, much?


I naturally like buying new clothes just like anyone else, but renewing your wardrobe doesn’t have to mean replacing absolutely everything. Adding new pieces can make your old clothes look new. In this picture I’m wearing a skirt that I made myself in secondary school when I was 14 or 15 (so no slave labour in the sewing of this piece!). Luckily I still love the 50s as much as I did back in secondary school when I watched Grease about once a week, so this piece has stayed with me for almost 10 years. The shirt is one I bought from UFF a couple of years ago, and the cardigan is one of my newest buys, once again from UFF. So I have one of my oldest pieces of clothing and one of my newest on in this picture, score!


This shirt is one of my first second-hand buys probably from around 2009. I wore it all the time in high school, and I have to admit I don’t wear it as regularly anymore, but I have a feeling I won’t be getting rid of it ever. I have such a strong emotional attachment to it already – it’s one of those clothes that’s so random it’s the best. Once again, I’ve paired an old piece with new clothes: the cardigan I bought from Zadaa last spring and the jeans I got a couple of weeks ago from Kampin Kirppis. I’m way too proud about my jeans skills now, these are my second pair of second-hand jeans and they’re perfect!


Photos: Valtteri and Helena Lehti


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