Zadaa Bringing Second Hand Shopping to the 21st Century

I’ve been praising this beautiful app to my friends for the past few months, and now I want to share the wonders of Zadaa to any of my other readers.

For those of you who don’t know yet, Zadaa is a mobile application through which you can buy secondhand clothes. Simple, fun and addictive. You automatically see clothes from people who are around the same size as you, so most of the time, you know the clothes will fit you. It works just as easily and looks just as good as most online stores, with the difference that the items are really cheap and secondhand (thus not adding any clothing waste to the world, not using harmful substances normally used to make clothes, and not supporting the inhumane working conditions of so many garment workers). The app works in Finland and Sweden, and is hopefully going to spread to other countries too.

Dress bought through Zadaa; shoes, bag and belt all secondhand; sunglasses are regular Ray-Bans, but they last about three generations, so I find them a rather sustainable choice.

Users add pictures of clothes they want to sell, add in information about the piece of clothing (eg. brand, material and condition), choose a price for the item and tadaa! Anyone can buy it. It’s super easy. The app itself is free, but when you sell something, Zadaa takes a small part of the proceeds. I find it much easier to sell clothes on Zadaa than at flea markets or in Facebook groups; I actually normally just take all of my old clothes to charity shops instead of trying to sell them myself, because I’m really just that lazy.

One thing I love about Zadaa is the Zadaa package. If you live in Helsinki, where most of Zadaa’s users are, it’s easy to set up a meeting with the seller or your buyer to get the clothes. As I’ve recently moved to Jyväskylä, this luxury is no longer as readily available to me. However, Zadaa recently launched the Zadaa package: for only 3 euros you can post any type of package through Matkahuolto in a super easy and fast way. I haven’t sent anything through this yet, but I just bought a pair of jeans from Zadaa and the package came within a day of the seller sending it. It was really easy to just go get the packet from the grocery store down our street.


zadaa 4

These shoes are actually my secondhand wedding shoes I mentioned in my previous post about our wedding. A lot of people wear their wedding attire only once, but I’ve used these shoes quite a bit after our wedding.

I have both sold items and bought items on Zadaa and my experiences with both have been great. At first I thought it would be difficult to sell stuff on Zadaa, because I didn’t know if the app had really made it big yet. To my surprise, I sold my first item of clothing within 24 hours of loading the app. I’ve now bought three items on Zadaa: a black silk dress, a long grey cardigan and a pair of black jeans. If any of you remember, in one of my first posts I said buying secondhand jeans is pretty darn near impossible for me and that I should probably do a jeans challenge someday to find myself a pair of secondhand jeans. Well now I’ve done it and it was the easiest thing in the world thanks to Zadaa! The trouble of finding jeans in a secondhand store is that there are so many and it’s impossible to try them all on. On Zadaa, its quick and easy to scroll through clothes and since I knew my jeans size and it said that these jeans were stretch jeans, I knew they were a safe bet.

One thing that I find quite difficult in secondhand stores is finding really basic items that are the cornerstone of your wardrobe, because in a rack they normally don’t look very appealing and I don’t pay attention to them. On Zadaa you see what the item looks like and normally people have pictures of them wearing the clothes, so you know how they look on a person. That’s why it’s so easy to find basic items that you’d probably not pay attention to in a secondhand store (like my grey cardigan that I wear all the time nowadays).

zadaa 5

zadaa 6
This is an outfit I wear on a really basic day, so this cardigan from Zadaa has been in good use since I bought it. I am so thrilled with my secondhand jeans, I never thought this would happen! The shirt is secondhand from UFF, the shoes aren’t secondhand, but have seen well over 30 wears (which is the minimum a piece of clothing should be worn, according to Lucy Siegle and Livia Firth).

Zadaa is guilt-free, easy shopping! Most of the sellers are young people with stylish clothes, so the things for sale are usually in good condition and are nice looking. There are a lot of people selling luxury brands on Zadaa, so if that’s your thing, then you should definitely check the app out!

P.S. If anyone from Zadaa reads this, it would be great to get more search options on the app, like using tags for instance. Sellers could tag their clothes with descriptive words for the clothes, so if someone is looking for a floral dress, they can go to the dress category and type in “floral” to see those types of dresses. Zadaa is continuously growing and making updates, so I’m sure an idea like this is actually already on their to-do list.


Photos by Valtteri Lehti


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