I Wear My Mama’s Clothes, I Look Incredible

That song is so my official shopping anthem.


My mom’s dress worn with a second-hand belt that I’ve already had for years, and second-hand boots I bought off a friend.

This post isn’t about Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, it’s about stunning hand-me-downs. I’m lucky enough to have a gorgeous mother who was (and still is) stylish, with beautiful clothes. And I’m even more lucky that some of my mom’s closet gems from when she was around my age are now mine. My absolute favourite dress from my mom is this red dotted dress. And even my mom bought it second-hand, so this thrift shopping thing is clearly genetic!


I’ve probably said this before, but one of my favourite ways of getting clothes is getting them from family members or friends. Fortunately, a lot of my family members and friends are pretty close to my size, so I have plenty of people I can get (or take, like in the case of my mom’s or sister’s clothes) old clothes from. I have shoes from friends and from my sister-in-law, a winter jacket from my mother-in-law, countless pants and shirts from friends etc. etc. It’s such an easy way to rotate clothes, and sometimes it’s nice to know who the previous owner of your clothes is. And if you’re the one giving, it’s nice seeing your old clothes get a new life with someone else. Sharing clothes with family and friends seems so natural. You don’t even have to give them away for good, you can just lend them. It’s not like you’re wearing every piece of clothing in your wardrobe the whole time anyway, so why not let your clothes be used by someone else in the meanwhile. You couldn’t possibly run out of things to wear if you could share closets with someone else!


I’m so used to emptying out my friends’s closets and thrift shops, that I’ve gotten immune to “regular” clothes shops. I simply do not have the need (and ok, I lack the want as well) to shop for new clothes. I go into a store and see cute clothes, but I don’t even think about buying them. I can admit that new clothes look nice and would in theory be a nice addition to my collection of clothes, but I see absolutely no need for me to buy them, and if I don’t really need them, then why would I support an industry that I have grown to object so strongly? Especially when its so easy to get clothes another way, and it keeps on getting easier with online marketplaces and second-hand shopping applications like Zadaa (more on that in a later post). I have enough clothes (my husband may say too many) and if I buy something new (aka get it second-hand) then I give away something too, either to friends or to a charity organisation. My ideal world would be one where items would go from person to person until they were so worn out they really  can’t be used anymore, and then they would be recycled to make something new. I see that happening a bit now, and I hope it’ll start happening more.



By the way, yes those are cherry blossoms in these pictures and yes they were taken a month ago when cherry trees were still blooming and yes I have been slacking off on posting for the last month, but if you had to move to another city, start a new job, do an intensive course at uni and work on your MA thesis within a month, then I don’t think you’d have much time to write blog posts either. But now I’m back with nothing to do (ok, except my MA thesis, no biggie…) so I’ll be posting more regularly, so beware!


Photos by my stunning friend Milla Nieminen (also an avid second-hand shopper).


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