Praise for NOSH

I normally only buy second-hand clothes, but last week I was at my sister’s place for a Nosh party and I actually bought a pair of leggings. Shocking, I know, I bought something that hasn’t been in someone’s closet since the 80’s! I don’t buy new clothes, because I don’t want to support the way clothes are made by the mainstream fashion industry.  Nosh, however, isn’t mainstream – but I hope companies like Nosh soon will be. Nosh is a Finnish company that produces clothes in an ecological and ethical way. It’s an example of a company that is taking the fashion industry in the right, sustainable direction. Companies like this are the long-term solution to the problems in the fashion industry.

My new Nosh Kide leggings in petrol.

All cotton used in Nosh’s clothes is organic, which is great for nature, better for the cotton farmers and feels great on your skin. The clothes are made in Portugal, and the company cares for its workers. If a company posts pictures of their factory workers online, like Nosh does, it seems quite legit that the conditions in the factories are good. Most other garment factories have strict no-photography policies, because they don’t want to show what their factories are like. Another important part of Nosh’s sustainability is that the clothes are made to last: buying less and using clothes for a longer time is the most ecological thing you can do. One example of how Nosh does this is, is that they make their children’s clothes so that they can fit many sizes. And naturally, the clothes are good quality, like I think all clothes should be, but which really isn’t something you can expect from many places nowadays.

Though Nosh started with children’s clothes and still mostly makes children’s clothes (which are absolutely adorable, by the way), there are great clothes for women too. If I had children this post would be full of pictures of them wearing super cute Nosh clothes, but since I don’t you’ll just have to stand looking at my face again.

There were so many clothes I would have wanted to buy, but I stopped myself from going crazy, because I honestly have all the clothes I need at the moment and I’m pretty sure my husband wouldn’t have appreciated me using all our money on clothes… But as I said, I bought a pair of leggings and I am loving them! The delivery was really quick, they feel super comfortable and they’re a perfect fit.


Colourful pants doesn’t mean you can’t also wear a colourful top! Both shirts in this post are second-hand.

You can order clothes from Nosh online  or organise your own Nosh party, like my sister did. At the party you can see the clothes live and at least our Nosh representative really knew her stuff and could tell us all about Nosh and the clothes. So thank you Kikka and Elina for the party!


Photos: Helena Lehti


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