Where to Shop: Center of Helsinki

First of all, just mentioning that I decided to change my blog platform from blog.com to wordpress.com, because blog.com wasn’t working properly. All my old posts are here, in my new blog, just as they were in my old one.

And now to the point: I tried writing a post about my favourite second-hand stores, but it went too all over the place, because there are just too many. So I decided to split my one post up into many, and here’s the first part!

I’ve been going around pretty much the same places in the center of Helsinki for years, so I’ll now share with you my well-trodden shopping route that has gotten my wardrobe filled.

The second-hand stores I go to most often. Map from Google Maps.
  1. UFF Iso-Roobertinkatu, 4. Fredrikinkatu and 5. Runeberginkatu

There are three UFF stores in the center of Helsinki and many more in other places in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. For a second-hand store UFF can be a bit over priced. Luckily, every couple of months they have “Tasarahapäivät”, the ultimate second-hand sale: the first day of the sale all clothes are max 7€, then they’re max 6€, 5€ etc. up until all clothes are only 1€! And they fill up their stores the whole time during these sales, so on the 1€ day you can find clothes that are just as good as on the 7€ day. I used to only shop at UFF during Tasarahapäivät, but lately I’ve found good deals there on nice clothes with their regular prices, so they’re definitely worth a visit even when they don’t have Tasarahapäivät.

The UFFs on Iso Roba and Freda are quite big, and they’re the stores that I’ve bought the most from. Especially the UFF on Freda is amazing: I don’t think I’ve ever gone there without buying something. The UFF on Runeberginkatu is really small, but it’s so close to Kamppi it’s easy to check it out quickly.

Shirt and jacket both from UFF Fredrikinkatu. A lot of 80s and 90s clothes to be found there!
  1. Ruutu Rouva

Helsinki is full of really nice vintage stores. In my opinion, the best of these is Ruutu Rouva on Fredrikinkatu. Ruutu Rouva has a surprisingly big selection for a vintage store and it’s not all really expensive luxury clothing. The best things I’ve bought from Ruutu Rouva are two evening gowns (more on second-hand evening wear in a post that will be coming up soon) for a surprisingly affordable price (as if I would buy really expensive clothing, you know me better than that!). If you want to have designer clothing but don’t want to live on only noodles for the rest of your life, or if you want to look like Grace Kelly (and who doesn’t want to look like her), Ruutu Rouva is the place for you! There are other vintage stores on Fredrikinkatu and around the center of Helsinki which are definitely worth checking out as well.

  1. Hietaniementori

Hietsu is the place to be in the summer! Hietaniementori fills up with salespeople trying to get rid of their stuff for cheap, which is great for us who love a deal! If you want to get the best clothes at a market like this one, you should go early in the morning. But, if you go later, the salespeople are already desperate to get rid of everything ‘cause they can’t be bothered to carry it home anymore, so you can get clothes for very cheap then (if there’s anything good left). Hietsu is pretty popular with young people, so you can normally get quite new, fashionable clothes there. And if I haven’t convinced you yet of how great it is to buy second-hand stuff, then at least go to Hietsu to sell your own things: you’re bound to get mounds of clothes sold!

Shorts from Hietaniementori, shirt and cap from UFF. As you can probably see, my style has quite a wide range: I buy what I think looks nice and I feel comfortable in. Sometimes I look like a 50s housewife, sometimes I look like an 80s businesswoman and sometimes I actually look like a regular 22-year-old from Helsinki.


Bonus place: Kaivarin Kanuuna. This place is great and has good quality clothes. The only reason I don’t go there that often is that it’s a bit of a further walk there, and I find lots of good clothes closer to the center as well. But on a nice summer day it’s super nice to walk to Kaivopuisto and chill there, and then check out Kaivarin Kanuuna as well!


Dress from Kaivarin Kanuuna. Often salespeople at Kaivarin Kanuuna have pretty high prices on their clothes, but this was a great find! I think I only paid 2€ for this.


Photos: Helena Lehti



  1. Hey, great post! I agree with you on the UFFS – Tasarahapäivät are the best! I think Kierrätyskeskus also deserves an honourable mention: they have racks of clothing for 20 cents, 50 cents, 1 euro etc. They also frequently have jeans on sale, all for 5 euros, or 50% off or something like that. They aren’t really at central locations, but it’s worth the trip in my opinion. I have found so many pieces of clothing there and for a fraction of UFFs price. As a bonus, Kierrätyskeskus also has household items, furniture, sports equipment, electronics and vinyls so you can shop for other stuff too. #secondhandforlife #sustainableshopping


    1. Hey Sini! This post was just the first post of many: I’m thinking of writing a whole post solely on Kierrätyskeskus, cause it’s just that great 😉 This post was just for places in the center of Helsinki, and all Kierrätyskeskukset are outside the center nowadays. The Kierrätyskeskus that used to be on Lönnrotinkatu was the best, so heartbroken that it left!


    1. That would be great! ❤ I think we need to come to Holland some time during the summer 😉 don't know about second-hand stores in Holland, though 😀


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