New Outfits with Sini

Originally posted on January 13th, 2016.

They are here once more! Tasarahapäivät at UFF! That means clothes for super cheap. Pro tip: the UFF discount days are on this week, so today, on Wednesday, all clothes are still 3€, on Thursday and Friday everything will be 2€ and on Saturday everything is only 1€, so if you’re thinking of going second-hand shopping, now is a good time to start! Yesterday I went shopping with my sister, Sini, at UFF’s 3 euro days, meaning everything we bought only cost 3€ a piece. Amazing! Here’s a look at what we found.

Really, we were supposed to look for second-hand jeans, because I am just the worst at buying jeans, even in regular stores where they surely have your size. We went to the UFF on Runeberginkatu, which is a pretty small UFF and there weren’t many jeans there. Fredrikinkatu’s UFF always has masses of jeans, but we didn’t go there yesterday. So once again I failed miserably at buying jeans. One day I will succeed! So I’m guessing a “jeans challenge” post will be coming some time in the future…


These white pants were a new find today. The shirt, bag and shoes are all Sini’s and all second-hand. It’s pretty obvious that I love high-waist skirts and pants, so these pants were definitely love at first sight. I like fashion from many different eras, and this outfit clearly has 80s vibes that I’m pretty into at the moment.



Some of Sini’s new finds were this black skirt and the brown bag. The shirt and the boots are also from UFF, both costing 2€. That makes this outfit’s total price only 10€! And who can deny that she looks absolutely fab in it.


My new red, summery pants. Not very suitable for the half meter snow we have outside now or the -10 degrees, but I’m an optimist and believe that this winter will end some day, and when that day comes, these pants will be waiting for me in my wardrobe! The top is Sini’s second-hand top. I like the cute buttons on the back, little details like that really make a difference.



Sini found these black leggings/pants/whatever they are yesterday. They’re so her style, with a bit of influence from her favourite, Michael Jackson, with the small leather details. The white jacket was 3€ and the top used to actually be mine, which I bought second-hand. The boots also used to be Sini’s friend’s second-hand boots. So most of this outfit is actually third-hand clothing.


High-waist pants again! I actually only realised at home that these are pretty much the same as the white pants I bought, but hey, if you find something you like, why not have it in a couple of colours? Second-hand shirt and shoes are Sini’s.


Don’t be hatin’, I like high-waist skirts too, ok? I have a couple of skirts similar to this one, but I really liked the colour of this one. I have the feeling I will be wearing this skirt way too often in the future. The bag is Sini’s new find from yesterday, the shoes and the top are also her’s, and both naturally second-hand.


I asked Sini to show off one of her favourite second-hand outfits and here it is! The total price for this outfit is 5€. Ridiculous! And it looks so good! My sister is a talented second-hand shopper, for sure.

I also asked her to write something about why she loves second-hand shopping, so here’s what she said:

“My favourite pieces of second hand clothing are the ones that surprise me. The ones that I try on jokingly, but then fall in love with. I’ve found that I can be comfortable in quite a wide array of different styles, which is why second hand is so great because you don’t need a lot of money to enjoy a large wardrobe. I dress according to feeling, so sometimes I’ll choose something really feminine and classic and other times something a little MJ inspired or just something comfortable and practical (Finnish winter, hello!) I do tend to go a little bit crazy sometimes and buy way too many things (25 sweaters/cardigans in one go for example) so that’s something I need to work on, because I find that even though I have 30 pairs of pants to match 30 possible moods, I only wear like 5 of them, which is ridiculous (even though almost all of them are second hand). I haven’t bought anything from H&M or the likes since September, and I don’t plan to either!”


As an honorable mention, this plastic, snakeskin jacket. Sini was devastated that it was too small for her. It was one of the shiniest pieces of clothing I have ever seen. You can decide for yourself whether that’s a good thing or not.

P.S. If you have something you want me to write about or have suggestions for my blog, please feel free to comment!


Photos: Helena Lehti and Sinikka Niemelä



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